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Why Do You Have a Bump on Your Gums?

September 20, 2019

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bump on gums

Have you ever been brushing your teeth or looking at your reflection and noticed a large bump in your gums? What is it? What causes this gross, uncomfortable problem? How can your dentist treat the issue? Are there ways to get rid of the boil at home? Read more to find out the answers.


Why You Should Address Your Chronic Teeth Grinding Now

August 9, 2019

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A woman with mouth pain.

Teeth grinding and clenching, or bruxism, is a condition that’s estimated to affect 10 percent of adults and 15 percent of children according to the American Sleep Association. While it may not seem like too big of an issue at first, the fact of the matter is bruxism can lead to multiple complications for your oral health, some of which can cause permanent damage to your tooth enamel, gum tissue and jaw joints.

Fortunately, your dentist is able to offer a simple, proven solution with nightguards in Carrollton. If you’re not sure if you or a family member needs a nightguard, consider the symptoms and complications below and how you can get them treated!


Could Gum Disease in Carrollton Lead to Liver Cancer?

July 15, 2019

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Every year, about 42,030 adults will be told that they have liver cancer, and another 31,780 will die from the disease. To protect yourself from this life-threatening condition, it’s important to be aware of the various risk factors connected to it. Would you be surprised to learn that one such factor could be in your mouth? Here’s what you need to know about gum disease in Carrollton – and why it may just be the beginning of another severe health problem.


Reasons to Save Teeth with Root Canal Therapy in Carrollton

June 8, 2019

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When your teeth become infected, steps need to be taken to protect your health. An extraction may be necessary if the damage is too extensive. However, sometimes you’ll have a choice between having a tooth removed or saving it with root canal therapy in Carrollton. While you may feel like extraction would be the easiest choice, there are several reasons why you should try and keep your tooth instead of giving up on it.


Why You Really Need to Visit Your Dentist in Carrollton

May 20, 2019

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Dentist with patient

Your friend doesn’t go to the dentist. He says he just doesn’t have the time. And really, why bother?  Everyone knows that you need to brush and floss twice a day, so why not just do that and save some money? Then one day, he suffers from a terrible toothache. He goes to the dentist and finds out that while he had been brushing regularly, he missed several spots, and the plaque buildup has led to tooth decay; it’s expensive to treat, but if your friend doesn’t get the treatment, he could lose the tooth, which could lead to even worse problems. Seeing the dentist regularly can save you a lot of trouble in the long run; here are some very good reasons to make sure you visit your dentist in Carrollton. 


An Oral Cancer Screening in Carrollton Could Save Your Life!

April 15, 2019

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"oral cancer" spelled out on a desk

According to the American Cancer Society, this year about 53,000 people will be affected by oral cancer. Early detection and treatment is vital because once the cancer spreads, it’s significantly more difficult to stop. It will cause about 10,000 deaths this year due to factors like late diagnosis, which is why it’s so important to attend your routine checkups and cleanings with your dentist. You may not have known it, but each time you visit them they conduct an oral cancer screening in Carrollton in search of any symptoms that could lead to an early diagnosis. This Oral Cancer Awareness Month, keep yourself healthy and in-the-know by learning prevention techniques. Read on to know what to expect during your screening at your next semi-annual appointment.


Discover Some Unique Factors to Having Dentures in Carrollton at a Young Age

March 10, 2019

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When you hear the word “dentures,” you probably automatically envision an old person with false teeth. You might be surprised to know that dentures aren’t just for “old” people, but they can help replace the smile of a young person, too! Tooth loss knows no age; however, there are some unique factors to wearing dentures in Carrollton as a young person. Read on to find out more about living a confident life with dentures.


Discover Why Dental Implants in Carrollton are Preferred by Patients

February 25, 2019

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model of dental implantIf you are missing one or more teeth, you have likely tried conventional tooth replacement treatments to complete your smile, like a bridge or partial. Although you had high hopes for them to look and feel natural, they do not really mimic your teeth. Now, you can join more than 500,000 people each year who are investing in their quality of life using the next best thing to their real teeth. Patients prefer dental implants in Carrollton because they resolve the disadvantages of traditional tooth replacement treatments.


Making Your Dental Implants in Carrollton Last

January 27, 2019

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If you have dental implants in Carrollton, you may think that your days of worrying about your oral health are over. Well, think again. Although it’s true that implants are not susceptible to decay or other dental disease, your gums’ health is essential to make the implants last for the long term. It’s worth the effort to care for your dental implants to ensure that you can keep chewing, speaking, and smiling with confidence for years to come.


5 Facts You Should Know About Dental Implants in Carrollton

December 29, 2018

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When you’re missing teeth, you are at a disadvantage, and some of the activities that may have been taken for granted in the past are now difficult. Thankfully, you can replace your teeth and regain the quality of life you once had with dental implants in Carrollton. Read on to learn 5 important facts that verify the effectiveness of this procedure.

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