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Sedation Dentistry – Carrollton, TX

Soothe Your Dental Anxiety

Have you ever avoided going to the dentist purely out of fear or anxiety? If you have, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that as many as 20% of American adults have put off going to the dentist because of anxiety. Because dental fear is so common, modern dentistry has advanced to include sedation dentistry. This special kind of medication can soothe your dental anxiety to allow you to receive the care you need without any worries or pain. If you have been avoiding the dentist due to fear, give us a call today to help alleviate your anxieties.

Nitrous Oxide

girl receiving nitrous oxide sedation

To patients who want a soothing and relaxed dental experience, Dr. Durga Devarakonda offers inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) is an effective and safe sedative that is inhaled through a mask which fits over the patients’ nose. We give nitrous oxide sedation to patients who want to stay awake during the procedure so that they can respond to requests and directions during the treatment. We monitor the sedation level during your treatment and the effect of nitrous oxide usually wears off within a few minutes after the mask is removed. Patients are generally able to drive home after their appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

girl about to take pill

Oral conscious sedation is recommended for patients with moderate to severe anxiety. It involves taking a prescription sedative pill before your dental procedure. This medicine will fill you with a euphoric feeling of relaxation that might make you sleepy and experience mild amnesia surrounding your dental procedure. You will be awake enough to respond to requests during your treatment, but just barely. We will make sure to tailor oral sedative dosage to each patient to provide an optimal level of relaxation during treatment. The effects can linger for several hours following your procedure, so we advise you to take some time off of work or school and have someone drive you home and keep an eye on you for the rest of the day.

IV Sedation

IV drip

If even the idea of going to the dentist makes you freeze up in fear, then IV sedation might be just what you need. With this method of sedation dentistry, the sedative is administered intravenously, or though a vein, usually on your arm. You will technically remain conscious throughout the procedure, but time will seem to pass very quickly, and you will very likely not remember a thing, much like with oral conscious sedation. Our team will adjust the medication accordingly throughout the treatment to help you achieve optimal relaxation. Once the procedure is done, you will need someone to drive you home, as you will likely be groggy for the remainder of the day.