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How Special Needs Patients Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry

February 23, 2023

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patient with glasses wearing a nitrous mask

If you have a loved one with special needs, you obviously want them to have the best of everything possible. As any dentist will tell you, that includes having good oral health.

However, special needs patients require a little bit of additional support to keep their oral health in top shape. That may mean more trips to the dentist, but it can also involve keeping them calm during treatment. Here’s a little bit more information about what special needs patients require from their dentist, and how providers can accommodate them.


4 Invisalign Tips for the Holidays  

December 8, 2022

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patient with Invisalign during the holidays

Are you currently undergoing Invisalign treatment? This orthodontic option is favored by many for its nearly invisible appearance, lack of dietary restrictions, and removability. With the holidays quickly approaching, people who are entering their first season with Invisalign may be wondering if this treatment will make things look different for them this year. So that you can ensure that your smile stays on the right track, continue reading for some helpful tips.


Reasons Why Invisalign is Better Than DIY Clear Aligners

August 17, 2022

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Several Invisalign trays set against a dark background

If you’re considering orthodontic work, you may feel tempted by DIY clear aligners. After all, they promise straighter teeth without the hassle of a dental visit. You could thus experience treatment entirely from the comfort of your home! Even so, you’re better off getting Invisalign from your local orthodontist. The latter choice offers more advantages than you’d get from the former. To prove it, here are three reasons why Invisalign aligners are better than DIY ones. Go ahead and read them over!


What to Do If a Veneer Falls Off

July 7, 2022

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Model of veneer on lower toothVeneers are designed to serve as a long-term solution when correcting a variety of imperfections. Although various factors affect the lifespan of your new smile, it isn’t uncommon for a veneer to come loose over time. If your veneer fell off, don’t panic! Here’s what you can do to safeguard your investment. 


Use Your Tax Refund for a Healthy Smile

April 24, 2022

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Hands holding coins and molarThe deadline to file your 2021 tax return is right around the corner; however, many Americans have already received their refund. If your tax refund is burning a hole in your pocket, don’t spend it on a lavish vacation or shopping spree. Instead, put the money to good use by investing in your smile. Here’s how you can maximize your refund to achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.


Here’s Just How Far Woman in Dentistry Have Come!

March 8, 2022

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Female dentist

Today is International Women’s Day, so there is no better time to recognize all of the exciting ways that women have progressed in dentistry throughout the years. Did you know that the first female dentist was licensed in Canada back in 1898? The truth is that a lot has happened in the last 124 years. More and more women have been getting involved in the field, helping to advance dentistry to the next level! Read on to learn more about the role of women in dentistry and what woman have brought to the table.


6 Ways to Make Yourself More Kissable This Holiday Season

December 15, 2021

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couple underneath the mistletoe

The temperature is dropping, the days are getting shorter, and the end of the year is approaching quickly. Do you know what that means? The holiday season is officially in full swing! If you have a significant other, kissing them underneath the mistletoe is likely on your Christmas wish list this year. However, you’ll want to ensure your oral health is in tip-top shape before that happens. Read on to learn six ways you can make yourself more kissable this holiday season.


What Are Some New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Smile?

November 24, 2021

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Many New Year’s resolutions involve attempting to make strides in your wealth or your health. There are ways you can do both!

When you commit to improving your oral health, it can improve your overall quality of life and save you a pretty penny when it comes to paying for dental treatments after you’ve developed problems. You can alter your daily regimen, and before long you’ve changed a problematic behavior without even thinking about it.

Keep reading for suggestions on New Year’s resolutions for a healthy smile from your dentist in Carrollton.


Why You Should Take Your Child to the Dentist Before School Starts

August 7, 2020

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Girl at children’s dentist in Carrollton

With the kids going back to school soon, you probably have a lot planned to wrap up summer vacation. But don’t forget to add a dental checkup and cleaning to the list. It will be difficult to make time for a visit once they are back in the classroom and their extracurricular activities begin to take over. Summer break is the best time of year to take your child to their regular, six-month appointment. Your children’s dentist in Carrollton shares why this is the case.


Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Your Checkup Because of COVID-19

July 7, 2020

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Woman in mask goes to see her Carrollton dentist for checkup in COVID-19

Staying home and practicing social distancing are the best ways to protect yourself and others in the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if your biannual dental checkup is coming up, should you venture to your dentist’s practice? While you may be tempted to postpone it, this can easily allow little dental problems to grow into serious oral health issues. Your Carrollton dentist explains why routine checkups are so important and what they’re doing to keep you safe when you visit their practice.

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