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Your Dentist Sheds Light on Baby Teeth for New Parents

September 3, 2017

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mom baby smilingOne of the scariest things that first-time parents face is taking care of their child’s health. It can seem like a daunting job to do alone—especially when it comes to dental health.

We all want our children to be cavity free, but it can be hard to know where to start. Believe it or not, it starts even when your child doesn’t have teeth! If you want to truly keep your child’s mouth healthy throughout the years, keep reading this week’s helpful blog post about how to care for your little one’s teeth throughout the upcoming years.

Caring for Children’s Teeth Throughout the Years

Even when you can’t see them, baby teeth are there. Baby teeth start forming in the womb way before your child is even physically visible. So, the same idea of taking care of your children’s teeth starts even before they’ve erupted through their gums.

Keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy is a part of creating a healthy foundation for your child’s adult teeth to grow into. Also, baby teeth help your child’s development with eating/chewing, speaking, and set the stage for good oral hygiene habits as they get older. Here’s how to care for your child’s teeth and gums during each stage of their childhood.


After each feeding, wipe off your infant’s gums with a soft cloth, or a soft-bristled toothbrush. There are specific baby toothbrushes that you can purchase. Just use water and a clean cloth, no toothpaste necessary. By the time your child is one, they should visit their dentist!

TIP: Take your time to enjoy this intimate experience. Most parents take time to enjoy allowing their child to suckle on their fingers as they clean their gums and mouth.


It’s important to help your child brush and floss his or her teeth using a soft-bristled brush twice a day before they start their day and at night before bed. Use non-fluoridated training-toothpaste until your child is proficient at spitting.

TIP: Brush your teeth in front of your son or daughter. He or she will love to practice being just like mommy or daddy!


Help your child brush and floss his or her teeth until they’ve turned 8 years old. This is just about when fine motor skills are developed, helping your little one to brush in small, intricate circles along the gum line.

TIP: Kids around this age love being able to make their own decisions. Let your child pick out his or her own toothbrush and flavor of toothpaste. They are more likely to brush every day without fussing if they have a say in their dental routine.

With these tips and tricks, your family dentist will have you and your family on the fast track to optimal oral health!

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When patients make the big decision to choose a practice as their dental home for their family—especially new parents—they should be confident that their dentist is committed to the journey of good oral health. It’s important to find a dentist like Dr. Durga that has strong roots in pediatric dentistry and believes that good dental health starts young. If you’re a new parent and need help taking care of your little one’s teeth, feel free to call our office for assistance.

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