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Your Children’s Dentist in Carrollton Shares Nutrition Tips!

December 20, 2017

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fruits vegetables Did you know that 1 in every 3 children in America is overweight or obese? There are so many processed, sugary foods that contribute to this problem, but your children’s dentist in Carrollton is here to help you ward off these health concerns for your family. Learn more about why it’s so important to educate your children about diet, nutrition, and dental health to help their overall health improve.

Keep Your Kids Far from Sugary Foods

Educating your little ones about dental health can help keep their whole body healthy. The more that they understand how hurtful sugar can be to their pearly whites, the more they are willing to ward off tooth decay and cavities.  Explain to them your dentist is always advising against high sugar and processed foods.

When high sugar foods come in contact with the bacteria in the mouth, it can turn into a deadly mixture for your smile. This mixture turns into a harmful acid that can erode the protective layer of your smile, your teeth’s enamel layer.

When damage to your enamel takes place (enamel erosion), your smile becomes susceptible to sensitivity, tooth decay, and other dental concerns.

Clean Teeth Are Great for Children’s Health

No one likes to talk about uncomfortable subjects like weight gain, loss, and body image, but as the leading role model for your children’s lives, it’s important to discuss these things with your little ones.  Take the time to explain how sugary processed foods put them at risk for developing different types of dental problems.

You can also explain how better food choices can create a better, healthier smile and overall body. Here are a few things to encourage your little one to eat compared to processed foods.

Encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies are some of the best foods for children’s teeth. Not only are fruits and veggies full of the nutrients their little bodies need to grow strong, but they can keep those baby teeth naturally clean between meals.

Tell them to drink water during every meal

Water is the best thing for your health hands down. Water also keeps mouths hydrated which affects your whole body. Encourage your kids to avoid soda, drink less juice, and guzzle their water!

Try to implement healthy snacks like nuts

Nuts aren’t usually a child’s favorite snack, but you can mix them into a tasty trail mix. Peanuts can increase levels of calcium and vitamin D. Walnuts contain the highest amounts of fiber, folic acid, iron, thiamine, magnesium, iron, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium, and zinc. Almonds are also full of calcium and cashews stimulate natural saliva flow.

When’s the last time your little one had a healthy snack? If you need more ideas, feel free to ask your dentist!

About Our Dental Practice

Your dental team works with lots of kids and wants each and every one of them to be healthy. That’s why we focus on teaching both parents and little ones better preventive care! If you ever have questions, our friendly office team is here to help you or schedule a visit to our local dentist in Carrollton.

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