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4 Things You Should Know When Dating with Invisalign

February 6, 2024

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Valentine’s Day is now less than a week away. Perhaps you’ve planned a date with your sweetheart to celebrate. That said, you may worry about how Invisalign will affect it. It wouldn’t be good for your trays to ruin the outing. Thankfully, it’s simple enough to take your aligners into account. Your Carrolton dentist will gladly show you a few pointers. So, here’s a summary of four things to know when dating with Invisalign.

Aligners Can Make Talking Tricky

When you first start Invisalign, your trays can cause temporary side effects. These usually include issues like aches, dry mouth, etc. However, there’s also a chance the aligners could give you a lisp.

The reason for an “Invisalign lisp” isn’t hard to grasp. When you wear the aligners, your tongue and lips encounter a plastic layer. This obstacle can cause you to lisp words until you adjust to it. To compensate, practice speaking before your date. It won’t take long for the lisp to fade.

Remove Your Trays Before Meals

True enough, Invisalign is easy to lose track of. You could forget you’re wearing the trays (or get distracted by your date). Still, you should always remove the aligners before meals.

Except for water, Invisalign can’t handle foods and drinks. Eating and drinking while wearing the trays will greatly damage them. Should the worst happen, they might break and become unusable. That’s why you should first remove your aligners discreetly. Just use the bathroom at the bar or restaurant, take them off, and resume your date.

Brush After Every Meal

With Invisalign, oral hygiene is typically easier. You don’t need to brush around braces’ metal brackets and wires. Even so, you’ll need to brush after each of your meals – Valentine’s dinner included.

Remember, Invisalign trays encase your teeth. They’ll trap harmful bacteria on your smile if you don’t brush after eating. You’ll then be at a higher risk of cavities and tooth decay. To avoid that outcome, make sure to brush after your dinner date. Your smile will thank you!

Invisalign Results Make Dates Easier

You may think Invisalign leads to awkward dates at first. Regardless, you should stick with it. The procedure’s results will make dating easier over time.

Invisalign only needs a year or so to work. Once it’s done, your straighter teeth should help you feel more confident. That new attitude will then lead to less stress and more fun. From there, you and your loved one should have happier times.

Of course, there are other things to know when dating with Invisalign. Learn a few of them by talking to your local dental practice.

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